About Us

Hi, welcome to my shop of the unique and one-of-a-kind wedding tableware and accessories :)

My name is Sofia, I’m from Ukraine.

I lived in the family closely associated with handmade – my relatives spent a lifetime creating festive accessories for the key events of people’s lives. This had an impact on the choice of my walk of life. From my family, I’ve adopted a lot of valuable insights and experience, the art of envisioning and creating unique items.

I love the work I do as it allows me to make my contribution to someone’s key life event.

The product we create is the first heirloom of the newly-weds, it goes along with the couple through their family life and reminds them of their most important day. Afterward our items are passed down for generations as a family relic.

Our items are notable for their balanced combination of delicacy and glamour. As a result, each of them has a touch of refinement, elegance and luxuriousness.

We constantly follow the global trends of the wedding industry developing and introducing new collections. We are also inspired by our customers’ impressions – they make us understand we are doing the right thing :)